"Laura is an absolute joy to work with. Her method merges her studies with her experience and provides valuable insight on how the vocal mechanism operates. She was able to address questions using language and imagery relevant to me. Laura is super knowledgeable and approachable. Some of the most valuable information she provided me with includes vocal hygiene, awareness, audition etiquette and some of the basic business aspects of performing." - Zac

“Laura helped me rediscover my love of singing. She explains technique and pedagogy in ways that are easy to understand and always super helpful. Our lessons were always the best part of my week!" -Emily I.

“Laura met me where I was and helped me get to where I wanted to be. I always appreciate her holistic emphasis on vocal health and her kind, perceptive teaching style. If you’re looking for someone who will work with you to reach your vocal goals and potential without stress or tension, the search is over.” -Lucy

"Laura is an extremely talented musician and teacher. She has helped me expand my vocal range and increase my confidence when performing and auditioning. She is amazing!" - Ashley

“I LOVED working with Laura. She is incredibly knowledgeable in vocal production and various forms/genres of music. Coming from a strictly classical background, I always felt lessons operated on one track. With Laura, there was a sigh of relief to have the freedom to explore other genres and find where my voice belongs. Her relaxed and caring attitude made for a comfortable space to learn and grow as a vocalist and musician. There is a genuine care for her students with Laura, the best voice teacher I’ve ever had!” -Emily M.

 “I was a very mediocre singer and Laura coached me for an audition and then my role (yay!) in a musical. She strengthened my sight reading and even tutored me through my college theory and music courses that were required for my major. Laura is a patient, smart and talented teacher who knows a ton about vocal health and recovery. Highly recommended!” -Caroline K.

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Based in Asheville, NC

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Nothing is better than music; when it takes us out of time, it has done more for us than we have the right to hope for: it has broadened the limits of our sorrowful life, it has lit up the sweetness of our hours of happiness by effacing the pettinesses that diminish us, bringing us back pure and new to what was, what will be, what music has created for us.
— Nadia Boulanger